Welcome To MONOBLOCK - Technology Made Simple

One material. One BLOCK. The simplicity of our patented technology is proven to be a sustainable solution to a variety of engineering challenges, including but not limited to: flue gas condensation; fuel cells; dehumidifiers; water purifying plants; ventilation systems; and various cooling applications. Our customers particularly acknowledge the competitive life cycle cost of MONOBLOCK heat exchangers, and the excellent corrosion resistance of our most utilised material, polypropylene (PP), providing year after year of service with a minimum of maintanance required.

MONOBLOCK - The Product


The MONOBLOCK concept utilises extruded polypropylene (PP) sheets that are seam welded with PP material to form an air tight joint; making it a homogenouos, recyclable heat exhanger block of PP.

Polymer Advantages

We build our heat exchangers of polymers in contrast to aluminium or stainless steel, because we want to preserve nature and achieve excellence: an air-tight design; competitive life cycle costs; excellent corrosion resistance; and low weight.

Patented Technology

Our unique seam weld technique, with patent numbers 93904437.6 in Europe and 5474639 in USA, allows us to weld PP sheets effectively to form air tight joints minimising contamination issues.